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24/72 Hour Pack List

The information below is an excerpt from "Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks"

The gear list below is the minimum required equipment. Items required of trainees are marked with a (T). You may carry additional equipment subject to team leader approval and your ability to secure and carry it -- remember, you may have to walk a long way carrying it all. 

  1. 24 hour pack
    • On your person:
      • Complete BDU uniform with BDU cap. The BDU cap may be replaced by a hard hat or bright colored cap based on mission needs.(T)
      • Notepad and pencil (T)
      • All CAP Identification, including 101 card, 76 card, First Aid card, etc. (T)
      • Watch (T)
      • Handkerchief or Tissues
      • Vest, reflective, orange (T)
      • Comb or brush (optional, carry if needed) (T)
      • Ground Team Member’s Handbook
      • Signal Mirror
      • Whistle
      • Pocket or utility-type knife, multipurpose with can opener. Swiss Army knives, Leatherman, or Gerber Tools are recommended. (T)
    • Day pack (preferably red or orange), webbed gear, or other SAR/Survival Vest (T) containing:
      • First Aid Kit, stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, recommended that it consists of the following:
        • 2 Antiseptic cleansing pads
        • Antiseptic ointment
        • 6 Band-Aids, various sizes
        • Moleskin, 2” X 4”
        • Roller bandage
        • 2 Safety pins, large
        • 4 gauze pads
        • 1 Triangular Bandage
        • Tape, first aid
        • Any personal medication (your team leader should know what you have and where you carry it.)(T)
        • Rubber surgical gloves (two pair minimum)
      • Survival Kit, stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, consisting of:
        • Duct tape, 5-10 feet (does not need to be a whole role. May be wrapped around a stick.
        • Leaf bag, large
        • 12 wooden, waterproofed matches (T)
        • Match container, waterproof, with striking surface
        • 1 Chemical Light Stick, Green (T)
        • 50’ of nylon line (paracord or similar line).
      • SAR Equipment stored in zip-lock bags, consisting of:
        • Change of socks (T)
        • Flagging Tape, 1 roll
        • Flashlight (with red or blue lens), with spare bulb and batteries
        • Spare flashlight (penlight will do) (T)
        • Insect repellent
        • Lip balm, with sunscreen.
        • Sunscreen lotion
        • Tissue Paper (T) 
        • Work Gloves, leather (T)
        • Interviewing Form(s), blank
        • 4 Moist Towelettes, clean, in foil wrapper
        • Change for phone calls, calling card, or cellular phone (T) to call mission base
      • 2 meals (T)
      • Shelter Material, preferably 8’ X 10’ (spare military poncho meets the need)
      • Coat for appropriate climate, if necessary (in pack if not wearing it)(T)
      • Poncho, (T)
      • Canteen(s) to carry 2 quarts of water (Some wings require their personnel to have at least one one-quart canteen on a belt while the other is stored in the field pack. At least one quart of water must be carried by all personnel)(T)
      • Compass Pouch, containing compass, lensatic or orienteering (orienteering preferred).
        • Compass should have a “glow in the dark” dial.
      • Leader’s Equipment -- only required of Ground Team Leaders
        • Protractor -- for map work.
        • Map Case (Large Zip-Loc bags can be used if necessary)
        • Pencil, with eraser (plus sharpener if not a mechanical pencil)
        • Alcohol Pens, fine tip, at least 2 colors (neither the color of your colored flashlight lens)
        • Some way to erase alcohol pens marks on the map case, such as alcohol swabs or a special alcohol pen eraser.
        • A straightedge ruler, at least 6” long (Some protractors may have a ruler as well).
        • Ground Team Leader Handbook
  2. Extended duration (72 Hour) pack: a backpack (preferably with frame) (T) containing:
    • Tent (optional, if you are sharing a tent with someone else who is carrying it) (T)
    • Spare rank and CAP cutouts (for cadets)
    • 5 meals (T)
    • 2 Leaf Bags, large
    • Bag, waterproof (T), containing:
      • Spare uniform,
      • Underwear and socks, 3 changes (T)
    • Sleeping pad, foam or inflatable.
    • Spare boot laces.
    • Kit, sewing, with spare buttons.
    • Shoe Shine Kit
    • Toilet Kit, that should contain:
      • Toothbrush and paste (T)
      • Shaving Kit (if you shave) (T)
      • Deodorant (T)
      • Washcloth and soap (T)
      • Towel (T)
    • Sleeping Bag or Bedroll appropriate to climate (T)
  3. Optional Items:
    • Rainwear, durable
    • Webbing, nylon, 1” wide, 20’ long.
    • Handheld FM Transceiver (highly recommended for Ground Team Leaders)
    • Water Purification Tablets
    • Eye Protection (highly recommended)
    • Entrenching Tool (highly recommended for base gear) 
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